One on One Training

A 1:1 session will provide you with an individualized workout plan that is tailored to your goals and your body.

We all have our own aspirations which is why each session is client specific and flexible to meet your schedule. You have the options of training at your home, a public space or virtually.

I will provide instruction on the proper technique of exercising in a safe and effective manner. You will also receive personalized support to keep you motivated while educating you on accountability.


The Training Session Process

We will begin with a warm-up which includes neuromuscular activation exercises to prepare the body for training.

Then we move on to the training session where we focus on your goals. The training sessions are all custom-tailored to you.

In addition, every session ends with a cool down and stretching. This final step is crucial to allow the body to recover and address specific flexibility limitations.

See the Hard Work Paying Off